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The LightSpeed Center is a further expression of industry and community cooperation, providing an empowering environment in which young people can be in an ongoing conversation of possibility at the community level.

The LightSpeed Center provides access to resources that support young people in identifying and implementing specific actions toward making their future a reality and a diverse set of activities that make the center an attractive, fun, and safe place to be... and be seen!

Being available between school and home, and essentially operated by the young people themselves, the LightSpeed Center is a place where the future is more significant than peer pressure.

How they work...

The LightSpeed Centers are designed to be the local community hangout, the place where young people want to go after school.а Operated primarily by the young people themselves, the center is a members only facility, with secure access technology.а Membership costs are typically paid by the parents, but can be earned by the student by working at the center, achieving superior grades, or voluntarily participating in local community activities.а The majority of operating costs for the center are provided primarily by local advanced technology corporations, and assisted by local and government subsidies, grants, or bonds.а

The LightSpeed Center provides a range of activities in an open, attractive, safe, high technology, and quietly chaperoned environment.а Students have access to a wide range of resources that facilitate their exploration and creation of futures for themselves, and empower them to define and act on that which inspires them.а Scheduled events with local leaders, inspirational personalities, and role model celebrities, engage the students in first hand conversations of personal obstacles and challenges.а Discussion topics build upon those introduced in the LightSpeed Workshops and include Integrity, Leadership, Personal Well Being, Community, Contribution, Assistance, Communication, Change, and Making a Difference.

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