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LightSpeed Workshops

  • Started in 1994 at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, California
  • Weekend long conversation about what is possible for a young person’s future
  • Over two thousand students from throughout Southern California
  • Exposed to some of the most dramatic technology conceived, and some of the most powerful personalities in the industry
  • Workshops are tailored to each advanced technology company sponsor reflecting their unique culture, product, and work environment 
  • Current and past clients include DreamWorks SKG, Intel, Microsoft, Genentech, Federal Express, the Body Shop, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the United States Air Force

LightSpeed Centers

  • The first LightSpeed Center was established in the San Francisco Presidio in 2004
  • Integral element of the overall mission to provide a safe and empowering  environment for young people engaged in creating and acting on their future
  • Each Center is a creative reflection of its individual community
  • Foster the growth and objectives of all participants including the local educational system, corporate sponsors, parents, and most importantly, the young people themselves
  • There currently are four LightSpeed Centers throughout the United States, two in Europe, and many more in the planning stages

LightSpeed Interactive

  • Initiated in 2000, LightSpeed Interactive acknowledges that engaging a young person’s evolving mind is only as effective as their attention and motivation allows 
  • Natural learning takes place across all the senses and intelligences accessible to a young person 
  • Appropriately designed multi-media products exploit the natural learning processes in which young people are operating
  • As the sustaining element in the conversation of young people’s futures, LightSpeed Interactive provides young people anytime access to the ongoing conversation of possibility

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