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The LightSpeed Workshop explore the invisible barriers that exist between what young people perceive is possible for their future... and what is truly possible!

The LightSpeed Workshop sets a precedent for industry and community cooperation for the furtherance of education and human achievement.а It provides an opportunity for young people to participate in an environment to which they would not normally have access.

Produced by volunteer employees of advanced technology corporations, the LightSpeed Workshops expose young people to the magic of advanced technology in a way that inspires them to consider exciting possibilities for their future.

LightSpeed student participants tour facilities housing the latest developments in advanced technology, participate on teams inventing engineering principals such as propulsion and neural networks, interact with guest speakers such as engineers, astronauts, and pilots, and engage in rigorous discussions designed to empower the students act on that which inspires them.

The discussion components are highly interactive conversations crafted to enable the participants to discover for themselves six key distinctions, which build serially:

Teamwork- bigger results are available working together

Creativity- we are each creativeЕ uniquely!

Future- in the context that anything we can think of, is truly possible

Action- specific, personal, and required to turn our future into a reality

Obstacles- natural, an inventionЕ creatively altering our perception provides a route past

Commitment- as a powerful tool for personal empowerment

LightSpeed Foundation's role...

The LightSpeed Foundation works with advanced technology corporations to create a tailored workshop program that reflects that companyТs unique culture, product base, work environment, and community.а The Foundation will create the program curriculum, train the companyТs employees, work to introduce the local community and educational entities to the program, and co-produce the program until the company is ready to continue on its own.а From that point, the Foundation will provide ongoing updates and support as needed, insuring the latest information and lessons learned from other LightSpeed Workshop programs around the Countryаare communicated.а

How they work...

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